BMW I3 Review – Concept To Reality

[Originally published in 2013 but recently updated with a nod to us – thanks CarWitter!]

BMW first showed off the i3 concept back in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was at an advanced stage but looked nothing like any BMW had done before. Low and behold it’s now available to order and sitting in showrooms.

BMW i3 (Image: Carwitter)

BMW i3 (Image: Carwitter)

Powered by a 130 KW electric motor making 170 HP and 250 Nm of torque it accelerates to 37 MPH in just 3.7 seconds, 0-62 takes 7.2. On a full charge you can expect 80-100 miles of driving. In fact the i3 is quicker to 30 MPH than a V8 BMW M3. Oh, and it’s also rear wheel drive like an M3.

Our test car was kitted out with just under £6k of extras, bringing the final price up to £35,945.

However, there is now a company that will give you 10,000 miles of fuel (electricity) in with the cost of your new car, check them out at

The i3 is one of those special cars, it has come from design to concept, to production with barely any changes. It looks stunning, fresh, modern a new phase in BMW’s somewhat stayed and generic design house.

Up front the tell-tale kidney grille floats over the lip of the bonnet, inner edges coloured by the bright turquoise blue hue that signifies BMW’s I range. A gloss black bonnet contrasts with the lower sections, our car was coloured in Ionic silver, but the real stunner was sitting in the showroom, a Capparis White model – it looks superb with the black bonnet and hatch!

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