An Electric Renault ZOE is Definitely the Way to Go

“I received constant communication and brilliant advice on every aspect of my new car”

After spending the previous few months sheepishly creeping around in my boring, cold, worn out Fiat Panda I decided I needed a change. I had a friend who had recently purchased a swanky new Renault ZOE, a transport decision he claimed was the best that he had ever made. After a little research with the help of I was totally amazed to find out that not only was I able to afford this car, I could control my monthly spending and it would turn out to be cheaper than running my Panda.

Throughout the process of enquiring and then purchasing the ZOE, I received constant communication and brilliant advice on every aspect of my new car. Trevor at was able to explain all of the benefits of owning electric car, and answer all of my questions immediately over the phone (having never driven an electric car before, I had a lot).

Within two months of making my decision I received my ZOE, and I LOVE it!

Every cold winter morning I am able to start heating up my car from inside the house, pressing a couple of buttons from my phone. With no keys to insert, no gears to change and no stopping at a fuel station to fill up, I enjoy a smooth and relaxed drive to work. Not to mention the in car entertainment on the way with a vast range of high-tech options, my favourites being; Eco-Mode for saving the battery life, the usable phone system that is easy to use and sounds great, and the functioning GPS that gets me to my destination.

If looking for a new car – an Electric Renault Zoe is definitely the way to go, and I would personally recommend as the company to get you there!

Submitted by Jonathan Fitch – Fuel Included customer

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