Predictions see the UK at a tipping point for EV drivers

More charging stations than fuel stations in four years forecasts Nissan

There will be more public EV charging locations than petrol stations by August 2020 according to market analysis by leading electric vehicle manufacturer Nissan. Using information from Zap-Map and the Energy Institute – for charging locations and fuel stations respectively – expectations are that in four year’s time EV’s will have an easier time than

Fully electric vehicles will be exempt from paying the future ULEZ charge

Guide to forthcoming London Ultra Low Emission Zone

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) could be introduced as early as 2019 in the latest attempt to reduce air pollution across the capital. This will be a year earlier than previously anticipated, with the roll-out initially focused on inner London, before expanding to both the North

Electric-car wells-to-wheels emission equivalencies in MPG, Sep 2015 (Image: Union of Concerned Scientists)

How much do electric cars really pollute, even without tailpipes?

Personal automobiles have given hundreds of millions of people the great luxury of a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation. But there’s no escaping that manufacturing these vehicles, driving them for 10 years or more, and then disposing of them creates pollution that has a wide range of negative impacts. As advocates and some governments

The report finds that even if London returned to the lowest recorded level of diesel car ownership in the UK, it would still not comply with World Health Organisation guidelines and UK law by 2025

Diesel vehicles must be phased out altogether to achieve clean air, says report

The Government must disincentivise diesel vehicles with a view to phasing them out altogether if air quality is to meet guidelines, a new report finds. The ‘Lethal and Illegal’ research, published by Greenpeace, in partnership with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), uses new modelling based on transport emissions and air pollution data undertaken