Tesla Model 3 (Image: Green Car Reports)

One in six new vehicles will need to be electric to meet global standards in 2020

Having one out of every six new vehicles be of the battery-electric variety? Heck, that’s California’s Silicon Valley in a nutshell, and that’s only if you count Teslas. But the rest of the world will have to catch up in order to meet greenhouse-gas emissions standards set by the world’s largest governments. That’s what Green

National Grid wants the batteries to help it cope with the challenges of more wind and solar power (Image: PA)

New batteries to help Britain keep the lights on

Eight new battery storage projects are to be built around the UK after winning contracts worth £66m to help National Grid keep power supplies stable as more wind and solar farms are built. EDF Energy, E.On and Vattenfall were among the successful companies chosen to build new lithium-ion batteries with a combined capacity of 200

Volkswagen e-Golf Knocks Nissan LEAF Out Of #1 Electric Car Sales Spot In Europe (Image: EagleAID)

Top 5 best Electric Cars

Electric cars are getting better all the time, making them a more realistic proposition for more people. These are currently our experts’ favourite five More and more people are coming to realise that an electric a car is a genuine proposition for 21st-centrury motoring. With increasing amounts of us living in the city or the