House Of Lords Rejects Discontinuing Onshore Wind Subsidies

After many months of bad news for the country’s renewable energy industry, the House of Lords delivered some unexpected good news.

Wind farm in Europe (Image: EV World)

Wind farm (Image: EV World)

In deliberations on Wednesday, the UK Government’s House of Lords voted to remove a section of the country’s Energy Bill that would end subsidies for onshore wind from 31 March, 2016. This had been an integral part of the newly re-elected Conservative Government’s plans to reshuffle the UK renewable energy industry in a so-called attempt to “keep bills as low as possible for working families and businesses” by ending Government subsidies for onshore wind.

Specifically, Baroness Worthington, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister, moved for the offending clause in the Energy Bill to be removed, which was approved with a vote of 242 to 190.

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