Renault ZOE Price Increase

There is a rumour going around that Renault will be increasing the cost of the ZOE significantly after 30 June, in other words there will be new prices from Friday. The figure suggested is about £30 per month, so a big rise. The report is as yet unconfirmed, but of course it ties in with

Tesla Model 3 at launch (Image: K. Field/CC)

‘I Drive Electric Because I Love My Children More Than You Do’

I am the CTO of a company supporting the oil and gas industry, and also the CEO of a start-up ( promoting the adoption of electric cars. Clearly, from at least one perspective, these industries are in direct competition. However I prefer to see them as complementary: the tension between these industries is an example

Nissan Leaf collection in St Albans (Image: T. Larkum)

Nissan Leaf Collection

Fuel Included is largely a web-based operation, providing electric cars at prices that undercut main dealers. Cars are provided all around the country and that means that very often a car is supplied to a customer without us ever meeting up. It’s a pleasure, therefore, when it becomes possible to attend a collection at a