Nissan Leaf (Image:

Test Drive: Nissan Leaf

First thing before work this morning, my wife and I travelled to the Glyn Hopkin Nissan dealership in Watford to test drive a Nissan Leaf. We had booked the test drive online (you can book a full week test drive, but need to have a recent certificate for your domestic wiring to qualify). We were

BMW i3 Test Drive (Image: T. Larkum)

Test Drive: BMW i3

Today my Wife and I headed off to the Specialist Cars BMW dealership in Stevenage for a pre-booked test drive in the new BMW i3 electric plug-in. We arrived to a professional welcome, and after a few minutes we were ready to drive. I had driven an i3 before, and so this was to convince

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Fuel Included Website Under Construction

Welcome to, the website of Fuel Included Limited. It is currently under construction but will launch during October 2014. We welcome any feedback you have – just add a comment below. Our aim is for it to be nothing less than the best UK electric car site.