Cheap Cars for Sale

Cheap Cars for Sale

Like lots of people we are always looking for cheap cars for sale. This is because so many of us spend a considerable amount of our income on our car and are naturally interested in saving money. However, it is still relatively uncommon for people to consider getting an electric car. This is despite them being notoriously cheap to run, and therefore good value when considered in terms of the ‘total cost of ownership‘. For example, what other new car can you buy from £200 per month including fuel?

Cheap cars for sale

Cheap cars for sale

Most people’s hesitation with going electric is probably because they assume they’ll be expensive to buy. To be fair, they do tend to be more expensive than an equivalent fossil-fuelled car to purchase. However, it’s not true across the board. Electric cars vary in price all the time and there are bargains to be had (especially on car leasing deals).

Nissan Leaf and Renault ZOE

It’s interesting to note, for example, that the Renault-Nissan alliance seems to price its Renault and Nissan vehicles alternately high and low. This means that when one is expensive the other is cheap, though this may be an accidental result of launch timing. When the Leaf 30kWh was launched it was expensive and the ZOE 22kWh was a cheap alternative. Then the ZOE ZE40 was launched at a high price and the Leaf had been around a while so it looked like the cheap alternative.

Renault ZOE and Nissan Leaf - cheap cars for sale

Renault ZOE and Nissan Leaf

Currently the Leaf is sells at very low prices, partly because the long range ZOE has the spotlight. It is probably also in part because the market knows there’s a long range Leaf on the way. If you’re wanting a cheap car for sale then the current Leaf is your best bet.

The new Leaf will launch in September and should be available to buy by the end of the year. If it follows the usual trend it will initially be at a higher price. Suddenly the ZOE will again look like the cheap alternative.

Both are great cars though and, like all electric cars, are considerably cheaper to run than their combustion equivalents. Please use our ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ calculator if you want to know how much money you could save.

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