The Fastest Electric Vehicles on the UK Market

Electric vehicles (EVs) have seen what can only be described as a boom in interest over the last three years, as commercially viable iterations of EVs have exploded onto the market from popular manufacturers and industry disruptors alike. Previous designs of EV would struggle for range and power, rendering them weak competition against the dominant combustion engine

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Report: Sales of internal combustion vehicles now in “permanent decline”

Sales of non-plug-in internal combustion-powered vehicles peaked in 2017, according to a report by industry analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and have been in “permanent decline” since then as sales of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles increase. Sales of plug-in vehicles are also expected to triple their current levels by 2025, according to the report. “Most

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Traditional carmakers could boost profits by accelerating move to electric

Analysis suggests electric operations will become rapidly more profitable than petrol and diesel arms within five years The world’s largest traditional carmakers could improve their profit margins and boost their value to investors by accelerating the transition to electric cars in the next decade, a new analysis has found. The electric carmaking operations of Toyota, Volkswagen,

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They’re more expensive to buy but with petrol prices soaring… how long does it take to save money with an electric car?

Motorists are driving a car-buying revolution — with electric vehicles accounting for one in three new car sales. There are 400,000 already on the roads, up from 130,000 five years ago. And this figure is rising rapidly as the Government seeks to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030. Surging