PM confirms 2035 ICE ban, but must be followed with ‘real action’ industry warns

The phase-out of petrol and diesel cars is to be brought forward from 2040 to 2035, Prime Minister Boris Johnson today confirmed. The ban is also now set to include hybrids for the first time, with the potential for an earlier phase-out date than 2035 subject to a consultation. The PM confirmed the new date

Tesla Model 3 Unveil (Image: Tesla)

How a Tesla Model 3 became safe haven in Australian bushfires

Cooler conditions have dampened the devastating bushfires that have ravaged Australia this summer, even though some areas are still under threat. But an uplifting story has emerged of how one family’s experience was made easier thanks to owning an electric vehicle. Rather than being an impediment in a fire emergency and at risk of running

How Soon Will Electric Vehicles Kill The Gasoline Car?

When I talk about exponential growth in clean transportation—or say anything optimistic about climate change—the pessimists baulk. C’mon, they say, the overwhelming majority of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. Demand for oil is still growing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a miniscule percentage of cars sold. What good can a few wealthy Tesla owners possibly