Cheapest electric cars: UK’s most affordable EVs

Tempted by an electric car, but worried about the price? Well, here we reveal the cheapest EVs on sale, and some of them are more affordable than you might think…

Electric cars are not known for their low purchase cost yet, because they’re still relatively new to our roads. However, as more cars are launched and the years go by, this is slowly starting to change.

Manufacturers are beginning to expand their horizons by producing body styles to suit the needs (and wallets) of a wider variety of buyers. This means there are now many more cars to choose from, including different sizes of electric car and electric SUV.

Some models have been on the market for several years now too, which means that there are some great discounts available.


Citroen Ami (Source:

Citroen Ami (Source:

So, which are the cheapest electric cars on sale? Here, we name the 16 cheapest cars and show you how much you can save on each of them by using our Target Price deals and our free What Car? New Car Buying service.

You can follow the links below to read our full review of each model and see our latest deals.

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