Ford plows ahead with electric vehicle rollout, scrapping Ford Fiesta production

Ford drops Fiesta to focus on electric vehicles

It’s the end of an era, as the Ford Fiesta will be dropped from the automaker’s lineup sooner than expected. Ford says it will be saying farewell to the iconic little model that 22 million drivers trusted to get them where they need to go over five decades.

Meanwhile, Ford is gearing up for one of the most significant transformations in the automaker’s rich history, a fully electric one. The American automaker is scrapping production of its Ford Fiesta model next summer to focus on the next generation of electric vehicles in Europe.


Electric Car Line-up (Image: Go Ultra Low)

Electric Car Line-up (Image: Go Ultra Low)

The move comes a year earlier than expected as Ford begins rolling out all-electric models across its lineup.

Earlier this year, Ford released plans to become an all-electric brand in Europe by 2035, introducing nine EV models by 2024. The EV rollout started with the successful launch of the Mach-E and Mach-E GT and the E-Transit commercial van.

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