I ran a Kia EV6 electric car for a week and found it can be rewarding and cheap – but it requires thought

Owning an EV is different and requires a bit of a reset in your thinking – but it really can pay off

Back in January I took a Volvo C40 electric car on a long journey to see how easy it would be and what it would cost. The reaction was much bigger than I expected.

There was plenty of feedback, mostly constructive, which to be honest is quite unusual these days. I even had a few praising emails about it which, in a job where people only generally take the time to get in touch to shout at you about something they don’t like, is incredibly rare, believe me.

There was also some criticism in terms of car choice – I was driving a fairly high-end, powerful, luxury SUV after all – and my own naïveté when it came to the best way to charge it when doing a long motorway drive. So, in short, I learned a lot, both during the experience and afterwards. No doubt that’s probably a feeling that new EV owners have too, because it’s not the same as just buying a new petrol or diesel car.

A few of those who got in touch told me “you should try it in this car, or that car”. So I was certainly keen to do it again.


Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV and XCeed PHEV (Image: Kia)

Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV and XCeed PHEV (Image: Kia)

Kia helped make that happen and arranged for an EV6 for me for a week.

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