Used electric vehicle prices down 19% year-on-year

June marked another month of contracting prices for used electric vehicles (EVs), with the average retail value (£31,430) falling 19.1% year-on-year, new data suggests from the Auto Trader Retail Price Index. It makes June the sixth consecutive month of year-on-year decline, with average EV prices falling by around £5,000 since January (£36,179) and nearly £9,500

Dacia Spring 2021 (Image:

Confirmed: Dacia’s tiny cheap EV is springing over to Britain

Could the Dacia Spring be cheaper and more eco-friendly than walking? Well no. But it’ll be close… Back in March 2021, Dacia gave us some Bad News. Despite offering the new Spring EV for a hilariously low price in Germany, the company resoundingly kiboshed hopes that the ultra-affordable electric supermini would make the Channel hop to

Aston Martin agrees deal to make electric vehicles with US firm Lucid

British carmaker to use components from Lucid to produce luxury high-performance battery electric models Aston Martin has struck a deal with the US firm Lucid to start making “ultra-luxury high-performance electric vehicles” from 2025. The British luxury carmaker, whose losses more than doubled last year to almost £500m, has struck a cash and shares deal valued at

Electric cars are ‘far more reliable and cost-effective’ than petrol and diesel vehicles

Electric cars are “far more reliable” than petrol and diesel vehicles, according to one expert who spoke exclusively to about how EVs were better than ICE vehicles. The popularity of electric cars is growing massively, with the UK seeing its one-millionth EV registered last year, hinting at further growth to come. With the 2030 ban on

Southampton City Council: Rise in electric cars improves air quality

A COUNCIL scheme to improve the air quality in Southampton has taken shape as the number of electric cars in the city has risen over 50 per cent from the previous year. The Department for Transport figures show that 773 battery-electric cars were registered in Southampton at the end of last year – up from 474 a

ZS EV (Image: MG)

Ora Funky Cat UK review: electric hatchack comes up short on range, price and quality

The first in a new wave of Chinese electric cars stands out for its looks but little else in a crowded market There’s something to be said for making a splash when launching a new brand or product. Good or bad, an eye-catching design and an interesting name can help establish a brand in the

A standards war? A win for consumers? What the Ford and GM Tesla deals mean

And imagine if EV charging eventually follows the gas station model. The news that rocked the electric transportation world earlier this month — General Motors’ deal to give its drivers access to the Tesla Supercharger network — is no doubt a big turning point for EVs in the U.S. It followed an identical deal in May between Ford