Will every electric car feel the same?

Unlike with gas-powered motors that can sound and feel different, there seems to be a lack of diversity when it comes to electric motors.

We hear it all the time. Behind closed doors, we even talk nervously about it. The idea that as vehicles become electric, brands will lose what makes them unique.

That every vehicle will feel exactly the same without the separation that comes with engine choices like an inline-six instead of a V8. And that the only difference for the driver will be the logo on the steering wheel they’re sitting behind.

For some brands, it can feel like the powertrain — all those components that make the wheels turn — is an afterthought. For others, it’s a key part of what makes the brand.


Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV and XCeed PHEV (Image: Kia)

Kia Ceed Sportwagon PHEV and XCeed PHEV (Image: Kia)

We spoke with both BMW and Kia, brands on opposite ends of the automotive spectrum, to ask how important the powertrain experience was to each, and to find out what they were doing to tune their EVs to help give their vehicles a unique feel. Their answers surprised us.

David Sherrard, director of strategic planning for Kia Canada, said the feel of the powertrain was important for the automaker.

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