IONITY rapid charge points at Leeds Skelton Lake Services (Image: IONITY)

If 800-Volt Architecture Is the Holy Grail of EVs, Why Do So Few Carmakers Use It?

Electric vehicles will take over the world, but before they do this, they need to convince a lot of people they are a viable alternative to ICE cars. One of the biggest issues is range anxiety and EV makers have offered several solutions to the problem. One of them is installing bigger batteries to improve the range, with all

I test-drove the all-electric Hummer. Can it win over America’s EV skeptics?

A climate-friendly version of the macho, gas-guzzling pickup is aimed at obdurate devotees of US’s supersized car culture It is the weight of an elephant, can move like a crab and in a previous life was reviled by environmentalists. The Hummer, that avatar of gas-guzzling machismo, has returned as an electric vehicle with an unlikely

Electric cars prices will be ‘driven down’ by new govt plans, but environmentalists want more ambitious targets

Environmentalists say the target should be more ambitious still, while industry is calling for purchase incentives too. Plans to ensure half of all new cars sold in the UK are fully electric by 2028 will drive down electric vehicle (EV) prices “further and faster,” experts have said. Under Department for Transport (DfT) proposals, 22% of

Renault Captur Plug-in and Renault Clio Hybrid (Image: Renault)

Renault CEO Pushes On With Electric Split As Russia Bill Looms – Report

Renault chief Luca de Meo wants to press ahead with plans to create separate divisions for electric (EV) and combustion engine vehicles despite potentially costly uncertainty over its interests in Russia Renault chief Luca de Meo wants to press ahead with plans to create separate divisions for electric (EV) and combustion engine vehicles despite potentially

2020 Hyundai IONIQ (Image: Hyundai)

Hyundai develops V2X technology to stabilize the power grid

With V2X, BEVs can feed electricity back into the public power grid At IAA Mobility 2021, Hyundai announced that it will become climate-neutral by 2045. From 2035, the South Korean brand will only offer zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV, zero-emissions vehicle) in Europe. The cornerstone of this company’s strategy is to develop clean mobility solutions and technologies.

Nissan Leaf 3.Zero e+ (Image: Nissan)

‘Informed consumers are vital to a mature electric car market’

Andy Palmer thinks motorists need to learn more about electric cars with the 2030 petrol and diesel new car ban looming on the horizon Over a decade ago, when I began developing what became the world’s first mass-market electric car, the Nissan Leaf, it was considered an oddity. EVs back then were treated with scepticism and intrigue

Solar EV Charging Hub on Princes Street, Dundee (Image: eVolt)

InstaVolt launches ‘one of the UK’s largest’ EV charging hubs with Banbury expansion

InstaVolt has said its electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Banbury, Oxfordshire is now one of the UK’s largest following the installation of eight new 150kW chargers. The Alpitronic chargers have been installed alongside an existing eight 125kW chargers at the site, with work on the new chargers beginning in January 2022. InstaVolt said this

Tesla Supercharging Station at Westfield, London (Image: Tesla)

Britons buy more electric cars in March than in whole of 2019

Overall new car sales slump as petrol and diesel prices soar in Ukraine crisis British drivers bought more electric cars in March alone than in the whole of 2019 even as the broader market slumped, according to figures that underline the accelerating pace of the UK’s transition away from internal combustion engines. There were 39,315

More battery electric vehicles sold in March than entirety of 2019 – SMMT

March 2022 was the best ever month for sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In the month, there were 39,315 sales of new BEVs, a 78.7% increase on March 2021, when there were 22,003. This represented a 16.1% market share compared to 7.7%. These figures