UK Plugin EV Share Doubles To 26% As Tesla Model Y Debuts

Tesla Model Y (Image:

Tesla Model Y (Image:

The UK, Europe’s second largest plugin market, saw electric vehicle share almost double year on year to 25.6% in February. Full electrics alone took 17.7% share. Overall auto volume was down some 28% over seasonal norms, to 58,994 units. Debuting in February after a long wait, the Tesla Model Y was the best selling electric, and 4th in the overall market.


February’s combined plugin result of 25.6% comprised 17.7% full battery electrics (BEVs), and 7.9% plugin hybrids (PHEVs). This strong weighting towards BEV is in line with recent months.

Petrol-only powertrain share was down to 40.6%, its second lowest ever (from last December), a significant fall off from the 52.1% of February 2021.

The temporary “quick fix” transition technology of plugless hybrids (both HEV and mild) may have already peaked, seeing 27.2% in February, from over 30% in mid 2021.

UK’s Popular BEV Brands

With Tesla’s international shipping arriving again in February, and after a long wait, the Tesla Model Y saw its UK debut. It took the number one spot for best selling BEVs in the month, and #4 in the overall UK auto market. Its older sibling, the Model 3 was right behind, at #5 overall.

For context, here’s the list for February’s overall auto market leaders (all powertrains):

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