E-transport is a game changer

Our company car is eight years old this month.

We purchased it secondhand just over five years ago. It’s a Nissan Leaf. All electric.

We purchased it in the days when people used to say ‘we haven’t got the infrastructure’ or ‘where are we going to get all the energy from?’ or ‘they don’t have the range’.

I let the wife conduct the research, just so she could build up her range anxiety until we saw an affordable great little car on sale from Stebbings on Hardwick Narrows.

Since we have had the car we have never used a public charge point, of which there are six times as many as there are petrol pumps in the UK and growing by around 200 a week on top of the hundreds of home chargers installed daily. No, we just use the ‘granny charger’ which is basically a three-pin plug charger, like your mobile phone. It uses about half the energy a kettle uses and stays on for an hour here and an hour there to keep us topped up.

A showroom tour of a Nissan Leaf (Image: T. Larkum)

A showroom tour of a Nissan Leaf (Image: T. Larkum)

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