Tesla’s Model 3 is a ‘mind blowing’ cop car

  • Tesla says 9 month UK trial of a Model 3 as a patrol car has had ‘great results’
  • Fully-electric vehicle can be used for 4 hours in ‘advanced driving conditions’
  • Officers recharging the car during shifts, taking 20 minutes to boost batteries
  • If rolled out nationwide by forces, Tesla says it would lose the roof light bars
  • Says blue-and-twos mounted on the roof act like a parachute and impact range 

Tesla police cars could soon be a common sight on our road if reported positive reviews from UK forces are to be believed.

Tesla Model3 (Image: Wikimedia/Carlquinn)

Tesla Model3 (Image: Wikimedia/Carlquinn)


The US firm provided a £60,000 police-liveried Model 3 to be used by forces up and down the country earlier this year, with Tesla claiming it has received ‘mind blowing’ reports from officers as well as public support.

A synopsis of the first nine months of the trial published this week says the electric cars are capable of running for up to four hours of continuous ‘advanced driving conditions’ and says charging during shifts has been working with officers plugging into the brand’s Supercharger network.

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