Instavolt lauds opening of UK’s largest public rapid charger motorway hub

Instavolt has laid claim to the UK’s largest public rapid charger motorway hub as it opens a new electric vehicle (EV) charging site.

The eight-bay hub is located at Welcome Break’s service area on the northbound carriageway of the M6 at Corley in the Midlands. A further seven rapid chargers are to open on Welcome Break’s southbound carriageway at Corley by the end of the month.

The chargers form part of a £50 million investment by Instavolt to help meet its goal of installing 5,000 rapid EV chargers by 2025. It currently has 570 rapid chargers installed.

Charging Hub with eVolt Rapid Chargers (Image: SWARCO eVolt)

Charging Hub with eVolt Rapid Chargers (Image: SWARCO eVolt)

The EV charging firm has signed agreements for chargers with a number of companies, including fast food chains KFC and McDonalds. The KFC partnership covers the installation of rapid chargers at up to 450 KFC drive thru restaurants in the UK, while the McDonalds partnership – announced in July 2020 – is for the installation of 125kW chargers at new and existing drive thru restaurants “where they can be accommodated” across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Instavolt’s chief executive officer, Adrian Keen, said the project at Welcome Break’s service areas marks “a significant step forward for EV drivers” as it allows them to take advantage of Instavolt’s contactless payment and “class leading reliability” on a motorway for the first time.

He added that the M6 has particular importance for the company due to it being “one of the busiest and longest continuous motorways in the UK”.

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