Tesla opens its largest EV super-charging station with 56 points

Tesla has opened its largest supercharging station in California, to the public with a massive capacity of 56 V3 rated slots to charge the electric vehicle up to 250kW for fast charging.

Standard Tesla vehicles with 85 kWh batteries can fully charge on Firebaugh’s Supercharger station for under an hour only using the solar heat as power. The station is equipped with solar roofs that can significantly block out the Sun’s heat, preventing the car’s interior from rising in temperature and, at the same time, gather those to generate and store power.

Tesla Supercharging Station at Westfield, London (Image: Tesla)

Tesla Supercharging Station at Westfield, London (Image: Tesla)

Analyst comment: The massive supercharger with 56 V3 charging points appears to be the largest charging station compared to its previously installed supercharging stations in China, with 50 charging points in 2017. However, this will not hold longer because another massive supercharging station is in line with 64 points in its Gigafactory Shanghai. The 64 charging points would be V3 is not clear yet and will be used for fresh lineup out from Gigafactory production. Tesla will make its 56 V3 supercharging stations available for an electric vehicle from other carmakers such as BMW, Hyundai, Porsche, Renault, and Volkswagen. The solar roof would also ensure that there would be an alternative source of power other than Tesla’s reliance on the existing power lines from the county’s grid.

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