Test driving the new Renault Zoe: More power, range, and charging options

The new Renault ZOE is here, and I got a chance to test drive it this weekend in Sardinia, Italy.

If you thought you knew the ZOE then think again, because Renault has upgraded the New ZOE with better range, power, and charging options, plus a number of other changes. Check it all out below.

Like the previous ZOE, but better

The previous version of the Renault ZOE, known as the ZOE Z.E. 40, was released in 2016. That car has already sold like hot cakes in Europe, with over 250,000 ZOEs sold. The car’s popularity grew quickly, with many years showing around 50% growth in sales YoY.

Renault ZOE 2020 (Image: Renault.com)

Renault ZOE 2020 (Image: Renault.com)

The ZOE eventually became the highest-selling electric car in many markets before the introduction of the Model 3 earlier this year. And even after the Model 3 was introduced, the ZOE held on to an impressive amount of market share.

But now three years later, the ZOE is beginning to show its age. Fortunately though, Renault is back to give us the ZOE updates we’ve wanted and has done so building on its 10 years of experience in the electric car market.

The New ZOE comes with a number of updates and upgrades, yet has managed to maintain the same price. In most markets, the car costs around €23,000 without the battery (which customers can pay a monthly rate towards), or around €30,000 with the battery, though the price varies a bit according to the country.

Major updates to the New ZOE include a more powerful motor, increased range, and new CCS charging.

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