See the world’s first fully electric rally car: the Corsa-e

  • German automaker Opel is releasing what it claims is the world’s first all-electric rally car.
  • It’s a modified version of the Europe-only Opel Corsa-e, which itself is the electric version of the Corsa.
  • The Corsa-e is part of Opel’s plan to electrifying every model they offer by 2024.

German car manufacturer Opel has made what it claims is the world’s first all-electric rally car, which is based on the carmaker’s first electric vehicle.

The Corsa-e is the first time the automaker is offering a battery-electric version of the Corsa, one of its most popular models.

Opel Corsa-e Rally Car (Image: Opel)

Opel Corsa-e Rally Car (Image: Opel)

“It is no coincidence that our first pure electric model of the new generation is a Corsa, our most popular nameplate and one of the best-selling cars in Europe”, Michael Lohscheller told journalists at a press conference earlier this year in Rüsselsheim, Germany announcing the company’s electrification strategy.

“The Corsa-e not only makes electric mobility more practical and convenient but also more accessible.”

The rally car version features a lightweight body, integrated roll-cage, and underbody protection for the engine and transmission. There’s also an electric fire extinguisher, quick releases for the hood and hatchback, and regenerative braking capabilities to increase safety.

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