Scottish government unveils £20 million fund to bolster public EV charging infrastructure

Over £20 million will fund the installation of 800 new charge points across Scotland in a bid to increase the country’s EV uptake.

The Scottish government has announced £20.6 million of funding for the new charging infrastructure, delivered through the Switched on Towns and Cities Challenge Fund (STCCF) and the Local Authority Installation Programme (LAIP).

Five local authorities have been awarded £12.1 million through the first round of STCCF for the delivery of 500 charge points. The remaining £8.5 million has been awarded to 31 local authorities through the LAIP, which will see a further 300 charge points installed.

The aim of the funding is to fill in existing gaps in infrastructure to alleviate range anxiety in Scotland.

Charging Hub with eVolt Rapid Chargers (Image: SWARCO eVolt)

Charging Hub with eVolt Rapid Chargers (Image: SWARCO eVolt)

Glasgow City Council is to install 70 public charge points, including a new charging hub and charging facilities for taxis and private hire vehicles. Stirling Council will install 133 charging bays, as well as trialling 16 lamp post chargers.

Dundee City Council plans to install 66 charging bays and create a rapid charging hub close to the A90, Edinburgh City Council is to install 134 chargers and Falkirk Council is to install 106, including a 32 bay charging hub with integrated battery storage.

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