All-electric Kia e-Niro sold out after a month on sale

The initial UK production run of 900 Kia e-Niros has already sold out, and new orders will be delayed due to a supply chain bottleneck

Kia has sold all 900 e-Niros allocated for the UK market in 2019 in a matter of weeks. Lead times are set to increase for future orders, with the next batch of e-Niros not being set to land in the UK until 2020 due to a manufacturing bottleneck.

Demand for the all-electric Kia e-Niro, as well as its sister-model the Hyundai Kona Electric, has been greater than expected. As a result, the firms’ battery suppliers (which include Samsung and LG) have been unable to cope with the e-Niro’s production volumes, despite doubling their outputs.

Deliveries for the new Kia e-Niro were supposed to commence in April. However, as a result of the e-Niro’s popularity and the production bottleneck, buyers who managed to snag one of the initial 900-model run may have to wait until the end of 2019 before taking delivery.

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