Electric cars to become main form of mobility in few years

BONN – Electric vehicles will be the main form of mobility in the coming years, and the challenge of making smart charging technology using weather conditions is becoming increasingly pressing, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) officials told reporters on the sidelines of its Innovation Week in Bonn.

“Electric mobility will become the main form of mobility in some 7-8 years,” Adnan Amin, IRENA director-general, said.

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About 4 million electric vehicles are out in the world at the moment, Dolf Gielen, director of IRENA innovation and technology center, said at a briefing .

“That is about half a percent of the global vehicles stock, so it’s still a relatively small percentage, but it’s growing very rapidly,” Gielen said.

According to Amin, the number of electric vehicles grew by 77 percent last year.

“In a country like Norway, the majority of car sales is electric at this moment. That’s going to have a very significant effect on the transport sector of course, on the gasoline demand, but also it opens up new opportunities to integrate more renewables,” Gielen said.

Smart charging, which employs renewable energy, such as sunlight or wind, could be one of these opportunities.

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