Kia Niro Not Easing Hyundai IONIQ Production Output

South Korean carmakers are now widely recognized as major players in the automotive industry and they are about to touch new heights after launching new electric vehicles.

KIA Niro

Hyundai has got the IONIQ whereas Kia has a Niro. Both the IONIQ and Niro are offered with a hybrid system at the moment but they are about to welcome a full EV trim.

While it all sounds positive, the Niro is apparently putting the brakes on the IONIQ EV production output. The Niro is the more popular choice between the two and there is already a great deal of demand for the Niro hybrid.

The bad part about this is that both Kia and Hyundai rely on LG Chem for batteries and the supplier is struggling in meeting battery demand. This is having a negative effect on the Kia Niro and Hyundai IONIQ as their unexpected EV demand has created supply problems due to battery shortage.

With the Niro bagging more sales, the supply priority will be on them and it may leave the IONIQ further delayed.


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