Milton Keynes Electric Car Company Expands to Meet Soaring Demand

Milton Keynes entrepreneurial start-up, Fuel Included Ltd, provides Electric Cars with free miles included on a single monthly payment. Fuel Included has recently expanded to meet the growing demand for electric cars.

Company founder and CTO Trevor Larkum said,

“The electric car market is seeing exponential growth. This is a fantastic time to be offering the consumer a simpler way to go electric. We can saving them money while having a really positive impact on pollution and the climate”.

Trevor has brought two new members on to his team since January 2017. Having worked with both previously, the new team was able to hit the ground running.

Jason Tisdall has taken on the role of CEO.

“For many consumers, the electric car is still an unknown. We are focusing on making it simple for them to assess the basics. Will they save money, what is the impact on climate change and what happens if they run out of charge? By demystifying these areas, many customers feel much more secure in making the switch to electric. Our experience is that, once they do, they never look back”.

Jo Pegram-Mills has joined as Sales and Business Administrator.

“I am focused on improving the back-end office systems so that customers can enjoy a smooth and straightforward journey of learning about, buying and running an electric car. All of us in the office own electric cars ourselves. We have a wealth of experience, and a real passion about our business and giving our customers a fantastic experience”.


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