Increase to Milton Keynes Parking Permits, Ultra-Low Vehicles remain FREE

From 1st April, and ‘only when you renew your permit’, Milton Keynes council will be increasing permit costs; but not for Ultra-Low emission Vehicles (ULEVs).

The decision was made following a public consultation on the matter that was first proposed back in December 2016.  The reason for the increase is being stated as ‘unprecedented budget cuts’, with revenue from parking permits along with parking charges and parking meters being used in other areas of the highways and transport services.

Renault Zoe, with ULEV Green Parking Permit in Milton Keynes

The good news is that all Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (under 75g CO2 per km driven), will continue to benefit from a ‘Green Permit’ allowing Free Parking in specified areas of the city centre.

However, Low Emission Vehicles will see an increase in their ‘Green Permit’ from £0/ Free to £195 per year. Still much lower than fully fossil-fuelled cars, which will see permits costing up to £1,688 per year.

The City’s ambition to become a Go Ultra Low City is evolving. With these changes to permit costs, and the ‘EV Experience Centre’ due to open this spring, I anticipate the city will see an uptake of more electric vehicles in the city centre for regular commuters.

Milton Keynes Parking Permits can be applied for online at: Milton Keynes Council

Read about:  The Milton Keynes, Electric Vehicle (EV) Experience Centre


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