Rhapsody in Blue, Part 2

The rest of our trip yesterday to visit Birmingham University went very well. As I had hoped we made it from Northampton to Birmingham Uni and back on a single charge of the i3.

Not just that, but after the university visit we went shopping in the city centre, at the Bullring shopping centre. Then getting back to Northampton we made a detour to Kingsthorpe.

Overall we managed 128 miles since charging the previous night, and still had 13% left in the battery, worth about another 15-18 miles. Most of the time on the motorway I was using cruise control set to 60, 65 or 70 – so real ‘motorway speeds’. Having said that, the M1 has a large section of road works where the limit is set to 50 so undoubtedly that did help the range.

Nonetheless, achieving a range of about 145 miles on a journey mostly on motorway is a great result and an endorsement of the new 94Ah version of the i3.

[Part 3]

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