Do I need a bug out bag in the UK?

In case you were wondering. A bug out bag is typically a backpack containing enough items to sustain you for three days, or 72 hours. Thought by some, particularly Americans, as an essential item to have with you at all times. The reason for having a bug out bag is in case of natural or unnatural disasters. Or as some would call it. The zombie apocalypse.

Those that have bug out bags are often thought of as being ‘doomsday sayers’ or a bit strange. Particurly when you consider what Americans will include in their bug out bags. Which includes weapons for self defence.

Do I need a bug out bag in the UK?

But hang on a minute. Before we go down the ruling it out as a bit ott. Should we not consider our own situation in this country. The UK.

Severe Flooding, Against a Background of Wind Turbines: November 2012, Tyringham, Bucks. (Image: T. Larkum)

Severe Flooding (Image: T. Larkum)

Taking recent events and history in the UK as an example.

In the last couple of years we have been stuck in overnight traffic jams due to snow. Without electricity for three days. Stuck in a traffic jam for 7 hours because of a fatal accident. And more recently been flooded out of our homes. Admittedly, you don’t need to head for the hills and live like Grizzily Adams during these events, but just think how much easier our life’s would have been with a little preparation. The key is to think where you are most likely to be sent during an evacuation. The chances are that it will be a village hall or similar. It will also be more comfortable than trying to live in the woods. So it’s unlikely that you’ll need animal snares, knifes for skinning animals etc.

So do I need a bug out bag?

Perhaps not to the extent that the Americans go to. But I do think that a little common sense and a little forethought will help massively. Self reliance in such situations can make a very unpleasant situation tolerable. Think of a bug out bag not as a survival option for when the apocalypse comes, but more as a ‘comfort’ option, when you need to leave home quickly or get stuck in your car.

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