Electric car drivers can ‘fill up’ at most motorway service stations (Image: RAC)

Charge points at most motorway service stations

Seventy service stations on England’s motorway network now have electric vehicle charge points. This equates to 72% of the 97 total. Of the 165 individual charge points, 92% are rapid, allowing batteries to be almost fully replenished in around 30 minutes. RAC Foundation analysis of data from the publicly available, government established, National Charge Point

Naomi Oreskes (Image: Harvard University photographer Claudio Cambon)

Climate Change: We’ve Blown It… But Pessimism Is Not Acceptable

In 2000, Naomi Oreskes, a geologist by training, was working at the Scripps Institute for Oceanography in San Diego, an organization with a long history of climate change research. “All the scientists around me spoke about climate change as if it were a settled matter. Proven scientifically. Manmade,” recalls Oreskes, a renowned Harvard professor specializing

Dundee Cabs charge points

Evolt’s charging infrastructure sets example to the ranks!

The Evolt Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure supplied and installed by APT Controls at the Dundee taxi company 203020 has become an ‘ideal model’ for cab firms looking to go electric, according to its CEO David Young. 203020 is increasing its fleet to 100 fully electric vehicles, making it the largest EV taxi fleet in the