OPEC’s mortal threat from electric cars

The oil cartel is living in a time-warp, seemingly unaware that global energy politics have changed forever


OPEC remains defiant. Global reliance on oil and gas will continue unchanged for another quarter century. Fossil fuels will make up 78pc of the world’s energy in 2040, barely less than today.

There will be no meaningful advances in technology. Rivals will sputter and mostly waste money. The old energy order is preserved in aspic.

Emissions of CO2 will carry on rising as if nothing significant had been agreed in a solemn and binding accord by 190 countries at the Paris climate summit.

OPEC’s World Oil Outlook released today is a remarkable document, the apologia of a pre-modern vested interest that refuses to see the writing on the wall.

The underlying message is that the COP21 deal is of no relevance to the oil industry. Pledges by world leaders to drastically alter the trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions before 2040 – let alone to reach total “decarbonisation” by 2070 – are simply ignored.

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    Air pollution is on of the biggest problem of our times. We are living in a poisoned environment and if we don’t do everything we can to solve the problem during the next years it will be not so easy to fix.
    Electric cars are a good first step to move on through a greener future. To reduce CO2 emissions means a cleaner air. Electric vehicle are not the only way but they are a good way that don’t change our habits.

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