This Little Known Tesla Innovation Is A Game Changer

No the game changer is not the 2015 Tesla Model S in the picture above. It’s the white device shaped like a medieval-shield that is blending into the wall behind it. It is a wall-mounted lithium-ion home battery system designed to store energy from rooftop solar panels. It can hold up to 10 kilowatt-hours of energy, enough to power a typical home for about 10 hours. It would enable homes to be powered by solar energy during the day and by battery during the night time.

It’s called Powerwall, and in 5 years it could be a major cash cow for Tesla

When Powerwall was released in April this year, it received largely negative press. The press assessed that Powerwall at the current price point was uneconomic for the average user, who gets fairly cheap electricity from the grid. Tesla took the negative feedback to heart and came back in June with double the specs with no change in the price. In doing this, Tesla raised the bar on price competitiveness in battery storage marketplace to a whole another level.

The Tesla Model S And The Powerwall (Image: Tesla)

The Tesla Model S And The Powerwall (Image: Tesla)

Correct as the original assessment by the press may have been, it was incomplete. The economics associated with Powerwall may look entirely different in 5 years time than it does today, making it a game changer for Tesla. 3 mega-trends are shaking up how we consume energy today –

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