Volkswagen Leads Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe

Europe, with over 9,500 plug-in electric car sales in January 2015, far exceeded the US’ result of 5,924.

This year began especially strong for Volkswagen, which seems to now be most popular brand among plug-in electric car buyers.

We are not sure if VW will be able hold onto the #1 spot, but in January the automaker delivered over 2,300 cars (Golf GTE, e-Golf and e-up!) and some 2,800 if we include the whole VW Group (Audi and Porsche).

In second place is Nissan Tesla Renault Mitsubishi! Outlander PHEV had almost 2,000 sales, and with i-MiEV added in the result stood at nearly 2,100.

Nissan, combined with Renault (below 2,000), is at similar level, but only if we include Twizy.

Both BMW and Tesla are down in the hundreds range.

Well, Volkswagen might’ve come to the party late, but as a Group it’s moving forward to quickly become the sales leader in Europe.

Source: EV Sales Blog via Inside EVs

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