Tesla Motors Adds Range Assurance and Trip Planner

[From 19 March 2015]

As promised by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on Sunday, the Californian automaker has just revealed a new over-the-air software update for owners of its Model S luxury electric car which it hopes to push to all customers in around ten day’s time. What’s more, it includes two brand new features which Tesla hopes will not only tackle the real spectre of range anxiety among first-time owners but also make it ‘impossible’ for a Tesla Model S owner to run out of charge in their car without intentionally setting out to do so.

These two features, called Range Assurance and Trip Planner, make use of the wireless Internet connection built into every Tesla Model S, along with Tesla’s integrated network of super-fast Supercharger stations.

Other features included in the 6.2 updates include mainly improvements to accelerator and brake mappings, but also mark the inclusion of a Valet Mode and improved top speed for owners of Tesla’s latest car, the Tesla Model S P85D, as well as the switching on of active safety features such as automatic safety braking, side collision warning system and blind spot warning system.

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