Renault presents EOLAB, a new ultra-low fuel consumption prototype

WITH 1 LITRE/100KM, EOLAB IS A SHOWCASE FOR RENAULT’S INNOVATIONS IN FAVOUR OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND RISES TO THE CHALLENGE OF ULTRA-LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION Renault presents EOLAB, a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) prototype which explores ways to deliver ultra-low fuel consumption. It boasts NEDC combined cycle consumption of 1 litre/100km, equivalent to 22g of CO2/km.

Sea level change (Image: The Guardian)

IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop severe impact of climate change

Most important assessment of global warming yet warns carbon emissions must be cut sharply and soon, but UN’s IPCC says solutions are available and affordable Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly, according to the most important