Car exhaust pollution (Image: Wikipedia)

Auto industry urges London rethink on Ultra Low Emission Zone

UK automotive industry totally committed to air quality improvement and carbon reduction. Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) needs to be more ambitious says SMMT. Diesel vehicles built today the cleanest ever made capturing over 99% of particulates. Welcoming plans for an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London by 2020, the Society of Motor Manufacturers

Volkswagen Golf GTE (Image: VW)

VW says Golf GTE plug-in hybrid offers the ‘best of both worlds’

Volkswagen says its Golf GTE plug-in hybrid offers eco-friendly buyers the “best of both worlds” — a compact hatchback that can be driven up to 50km in cities using electric power or up to 940km on highways with additional power from its gasoline engine. The Golf GTE is VW’s second plug-hybrid after the low-volume XL1.

Pollution at Drax Coal Power Station near Selby (Image: J. Giles/PA)

How Solar Power Could Slay the Fossil Fuel Empire by 2030

In just 15 years, the world as we know it will have transformed forever. The ​age of oil, gas, coal and nuclear will be over. A new age of clean power and smarter cars will fundamentally, totally, and permanently disrupt the existing fossil fuel-dependent industrial infrastructure in a way that even the most starry-eyed proponents

BMW i3 Motor (Image: BMW)

BMW i3 Electric Motor Among Ward’s “10 Best Engines Of 2015″

The 127-kW (170 HP) electric motor that propels the rear-wheel-drive BMW i3 has received a coveted “Best Engines” award from Ward’s Auto. Here’s the eligibility criteria for selection by Ward’s Auto: To be eligible for the Ward’s 10 Best Engines competition, an engine or propulsion system must be all-new or significantly re-engineered and available in

"Nissan Leaf got thirsty" (Image:Mariordo/Wikimedia)

More than half of Nissan Leaf owners insist they will never buy conventional cars again

More than half of Nissan Leaf owners insist they will never u-turn and buy conventional cars again Auto giant’s customer research finds feared barriers to electric vehicle adoption have not materialised Nissan will today publish the results of customer research suggesting a majority of customers for its Leaf have become electric vehicle converts and have