Electricity supply sources Q2 2015 (Image: UK gov)

Renewables beat coal in UK electricity mix

Some good news on renewables – despite government policy. Often when we talk about countries breaking renewable energy records, we focus on momentary spikes caused by exceptionally sunny or windy days. While these records are, in and of themselves, important—they still leave a bigger question hanging: How does the electricity grid cope when the sun

Tesla/Solar City Energy Storage Solution System Is In The “Pilot Program” Stage Today

Residential Energy Storage on the rise

Energy storage is heralded as the critical technology that will make widespread adoption of renewable energy possible. Storage bottles sunlight, addressing a key drawback to solar energy — that it can’t provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining. Energy storage also cures additional utility ailments from grid resiliency to power smoothing. Due to a rise

Powervault Energy Storage System (Image: Powervault.co.uk)

Upcoming storage boom in UK market

It looks like affordable home energy storage could finally be coming available in the UK Maturing and more affordable storage technology promises to “revolutionise” the UK solar PV market, according to a panel at today’s Solar Finance and Investment Conference. Ray Noble, consultant to the Renewable Energy Association, said that while some storage technologies were

Pollution at Drax Coal Power Station near Selby (Image: J. Giles/PA)

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm The IMF says we can no longer afford the economic wastage of fossil fuels, turning the green energy debate upside down as world leaders plan a binding climate deal in Paris The political noose is tightening on the global fossil fuel industry. It is a fair