Abarth 500e vs MINI Electric: 2023 twin test review

The Abarth 500e launches the Italian brand into the world of electric hot hatches – but is it more fun than a MINI Electric?

Can an electric car be fun to drive? EV powertrains have proved on countless road tests that they’re smooth, quiet and efficient, but delivering a fun drive is still something of a challenge. It’s an issue that car makers will need to address when it comes to electric hot hatchbacks.

This is a market where qualities such as excitement, feedback and character matter, so a hot EV will need to be pretty special to make an impact.

The Abarth 500e is one of the first true electric hot hatches on the market, and to find out whether it has what it takes, we’re lining it up against one of the most entertaining small EVs we’ve tried so far.

In all its forms, the MINI is a charming city car, but it’s also loads of fun to take to the nearest B-road. So which is best? We find out in our real-world test.

Abarth 500e

The Fiat 500e won our hearts when it was launched, thanks to not just its quality and style, but also its relatively low list price. However, the Abarth model is a more expensive prospect. The Turismo trim of our test car starts at £38,195.

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