Renault Kangoo, best-seller electric vehicle for its segment since 2011

– First ever electric vehicle (EV) to earn the title of International Van of The Year in 2011, thereby creating a new vehicle category, Renault Kangoo is the segment’s all-time best-selling model

– The Maubeuge factory in northern France has produced more than 90,000 Renault Kangoo & 10,000 partners vehicles fully electric vehicles since 2011.

– Since its launch, the model has served as an ideal testing ground for the brand’s electric vehicles


Renault Kangoo has played an important and sometimes little-known role in aiding Renault develop expertise in electric vehicles.


One of Felix Project's Kangoo ZE electric vans (Imaged: Renault)

One of Felix Project’s Kangoo ZE electric vans (Imaged: Renault)

While Renault began exploring the idea of electric vans back in 1985 with an EV version of the Renault Express running on nickel-zinc batteries, this ambition became a reality in the early 2000s with the Renault Kangoo.

Renault Kangoo served as a testing ground for future electric vehicles and was available in electric (Kangoo Electri’cité) and hybrid (Kangoo Elect’road) versions as early as 2002.

These small-scale runs helped the brand build up real expertise in EV design, industrialization, and especially maintenance. At the time, a team of flying doctors would travel out to each customer to analyse, maintain, and improve those models already in circulation.

In 2011, when it was marketed to the general public, Renault Kangoo Z.E became the first full-electric vehicle to earn the title of ‘International Van of The Year’, thereby creating a segment for electric vans.

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