Long term report: Cupra Born makes a case for EV motoring masses

It is easy to see the potential velocity of UK new car buyers’ uptake of electric vehicles in the years ahead. The more drivers that have an EV, the better the understanding their friends and family gain and the fear and ignorance begins to disappear.

Around AM’s home city of Peterborough the game of spotting other electric cars by their green-edged number plate has become a routine, and even on the brief school run we’re counting into double figures.

In the months I’ve spent running this Cupra Born it has convinced my wife that the next car after her current diesel Volvo estate will be an EV.

Her remaining reservation is that we have “only” one Podpoint charger at home, which amuses me given that I plug my Cupra Born into it just one night – occasionally two – per week.

The fully charged range of around 220-240 miles is sufficient for most private motorists, I would contend.

The Cupra Born has converted our friends too. They first experienced EVs on a night out to a neighbouring city almost a decade ago in a first generation Nissan Leaf I was testing, when, I admit, we were all slightly nervous as its 120-mile official range rapidly diminished.

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