BMW i3 Production Ends After Nine Years And 250,000 Vehicles

It’s the end of the (assembly) line for the i3 after being in production for nine years at the Leipzig plant. Since its launch in 2013, the electric hatchback has been produced in just over 250,000 units, delivered in more than 74 countries around the world. BMW calls it the best-selling EV in the premium compact segment, but let’s keep in mind it was also offered with a range-extending gasoline engine from the Motorrad division.

The i3 allowed BMW to attract new customers to the brand, especially in the model’s early years when more than 80% of buyers made a switch from other automakers. Its electric drive has served as the backbone of the fifth-generation eDrive technology, which is being used to this day. The powertrain has been adapted for the MINI Cooper SE, which went on to become a huge commercial success for the Oxford-based marque.


BMW i3 120Ah (Image: BMW)

BMW i3 120Ah (Image: BMW)

To properly mark the quirky hatchback’s epilogue, BMW created the i3s HomeRun Edition limited to 10 cars. All come finished in a Frozen paint from the Individual catalog, representing a first for the model. These vehicles are finished in either Frozen Dark Grey or Frozen Red II and ride on 20-inch wheels with a double-spoke configuration. Inside the cabin, the limited-run model gets Vernasca Dark Truffle leather upholstery combined with a leather-wrapped instrument panel.

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