The Toyota bZ4X: Solidly middling EV

The bZ4X leaves us wondering who Toyota made this for?

Toyota isn’t the first automotive brand that pops to mind when it comes to battery electric vehicles.

Toyota might be the largest automaker in the world — reportedly selling more than 9.5 million vehicles globally and stealing the crown from Volkswagen Group — but the company has been markedly absent from the battery electric vehicle (BEV) space.

That is, until the 2023 Toyota bZ4X came along.

VW ID.3 electric car in camouflage wrap (Image: Volkswagen)

VW ID.3 electric car in camouflage wrap (Image: Volkswagen)

Toyota has shown off 30 different hybrid, battery-electric and alternative powertrain concepts in everything from a pickup to a sports car and has promised to deliver them all by 2030. The company has even committed a whooping $17.6 billion investment in battery technology and announced that it will build a battery plant in North Carolina.

For now, the 2023 Toyota bZ4X is the lone representative of the company’s EV plans — an awkwardly named crossover that raises some questions about what the company really believes to be the future of battery-electric vehicles and just how committed they are to the entire thing.

TechCrunch, along with other media, had a chance to get a first drive of the Toyota bZ4X. Here’s what we found.

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