New electric e-Rifter is a real shifter: RAY MASSEY gets behind the wheel of Peugeot’s latest offering


  • Peugeot’s boxy, van-based Rifter has proved a hit with active families 
  • The new electric model is available in two trim levels: allure premium and the GT

Have you noticed how van drivers who whizz past you or sit on your tail always seem to look happy and contented?

That’s because vehicle manufacturers know that ‘white van man’, who almost lives in his vehicle and covers exceptionally long distances, needs very comfortable seats, a high driving position, a practical layout with lots of storage and cubby holes, plenty of cargo space, and a good lick of pace.

That’s why Peugeot’s boxy, van-based Rifter has proved such a hit with active families and couples seeking a no-nonsense vehicle that will carry up to seven people, be flexible enough to load up with leisure equipment, and be no slouch on the road.



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