Grant Shapps reveals new design for electric car charge-points

A new design to make electric vehicle (EV) charge-points “instantly recognisable” has been revealed.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the design “could become as iconic as the Great British postbox or black cab”.

Consultancy firm PA Consulting, which created the design in partnership with the Royal College of Art, said it has “an instantly recognisable circular handle”, while its materials, size and black colour “help it to blend into the UK’s diverse surroundings, whilst remaining visible for EV drivers”.

Mr Shapps described its unveiling at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow as “a crucial step”.

New UK charge points (Image: Department for Transport)

New UK charge points (Image: Department for Transport)

He said it will “raise awareness of the electric vehicle programme (and) help millions more drivers make the switch to cleaner and greener cars”.

The UK is “on track to become a global leader in zero-emission motoring,” he added.

The Department for Transport, which commissioned the project, said it will “provide greater choice to industry and local government, as well as raise awareness and generate excitement around electric vehicles”.

A series of announcements on low carbon transport are being made on “transport day” at Cop26.

The Government has said new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold in the UK will need to be zero emissions by 2040.

The phase-out will begin with a requirement for new trucks of 26 tonnes and under being net zero by 2035.

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