Lack of awareness a key barrier to EV energy tariff adoption

A survey from electric vehicle (EV) and energy tariff price comparison site Love my EV has highlighted the savings of EV tariffs despite a prevailing lack of awareness.

A fifth of EV drivers surveyed weren’t aware of EV-friendly energy tariffs, and the majority of those that had heard of the tariffs weren’t signed up to one. The main reasons for this were not knowing enough about them (24%) or how to compare them to find the best option (20%).

Indeed, a third of EV drivers hadn’t changed energy provider or tariff since purchasing their vehicle. However, Love my EV found that EV drivers could save £92 million a year by switching to a dedicated EV energy tariff.

Charging with an Ohme smart charging cable

Charging with an Ohme smart charging cable

“There are more and more dedicated EV energy tariffs available, as energy suppliers compete for drivers making the transition away from polluting petrol and diesel engines,” Mat Thomson, co-founder of Love my EV, said.

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