Electric vans: Six of the best on sale today

THE electric van segment is expanding at an impressive rate. Vans make excellent platforms for electric powertrains, with their long wheelbases and relatively square dimensions ensuring that batteries and motors fit snugly and without any intrusions into the all-important payload.

But with a bigger selection than ever, which one do you opt for? Let’s take a look at some of the best electric vans available today…

1. Peugeot e-Expert

The entirety of the PSA Group is on a real electric endeavour at the moment. It’s particularly noticeable in its range of vans, which spread wide across the group’s various brands. One particular standout is the Peugeot e-Expert, which arrives with a range of 205 miles – one of the best in the business. Practical and well-made inside, and the cab features a clever central touchscreen with plenty of functions.

2. Citroen e-Berlingo

Citroen’s Berlingo has been one of the go-to compact vans for some time now, so it’s only natural that an electric powertrain would be added to it. In the e-Berlingo you get a range of up to 171 miles from a single charge, thanks to a 50kWh battery pack, while a 100kW motor provides sprightly performance. Plus, thanks to 100kW rapid charging, the e-Berlingo’s batteries can be taken to 80% in 30 minutes.

3. Nissan e-NV200

Nissan’s e-NV200 was one of the early adopters of electric power. This compact van brings a range of up to 124 miles during mixed driving – though Nissan says you could see up to 187 miles from a single charge if you’re doing predominantly city driving. As well as the conventional panel van, you can also get a passenger-focused version in the e-NV200 Combi. It only adds another string to the van’s bow.

Nissan's e-NV200 Electric Ice Cream Van (Image: Nissan)

Nissan’s e-NV200 Electric Ice Cream Van (Image: Nissan)

4. Mercedes eVito

The Vito is an ever-popular van from Mercedes, providing the same high level of fit-and-finish you get from the firm’s road cars, but with a great level of flexibility and practicality. The eVito aims to bring the same positive factors but with an efficient electric powertrain. Though its 92-mile range might mean it’s better suited to short journeys, it’s still available in two lengths – helping it to be more flexible to a variety of buyers.

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