IT’S ELECTRIFYING Driving an electric vehicle is cheaper than you think – costing just from 1p per mile!

We spoke to Go Ultra Low ambassador Ben Fogle all about it. In association with Go Ultra Low.

Having seen the positive impacts lockdown has had on the environment, we’re all keen to continue doing our bit – but the advice can be confusing.

From giving up meat to reducing your waste there’s so much you can do – but have you considered an electric vehicle (EV)?

Last year, we caught up with Ben Fogle, Go Ultra Low ambassador, to tell us all about his experiences with EVs.

Go Ultra Low is an industry and government campaign aiming to educate the UK about EVs.

When it comes to going green, Ben says it’s important to focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.

“I don’t think anyone is perfect and I’m the first one to put my hands up and say I’m not the perfect green citizen,” he told us. “The important thing is to realise the impact we have and work out what we CAN do.”

POD Point Rollout at Tesco Stores (Image: Tesco/POD Point)

POD Point Rollout at Tesco Stores (Image: Tesco/POD Point)

For Ben and his family, switching to an EV seemed like a sensible and exciting decision and it wasn’t one they took lightly.

“As a family we looked at our mode of transport. We use public transport where we can – we use trains and we use buses but we also have a car and we need a car.”

“No one likes change, we’re all creatures of habit, but we’ve been an EV household for the best part of a year now – and we wouldn’t go back!”

Although switching to an EV seems like a big change, as they are at the forefront of technology, if you’re at the stage of life where you’re looking for a new car it can be an economically friendly decision as well as an ecologically friendly one.

There are now a lot of comparable price points available for EVs and plenty of leasing options, too. We’re also reaching the point where there are second hand EVs coming into circulation, so the price tag isn’t as large as you might think- and they can be cheaper to run.

When Ben used to live in London it used to cost £7 to fill the car at the chargepoint near his house, and he would combine the charge time with a dog walk. It would only take 30 minutes to fully charge and it would last them a week. Now Ben charges as home, so it’s even cheaper.

You can install a chargepoint at home or you can access one of the 38,000 public chargepoint connectors across the country. You can also get a government grant of up to £350 to help install a chargepoint in your home.

“I’d love to meet other people who get a full week’s driving from less than £7 petrol.”

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It’s Time to Go Green!

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