Europe: Massive Record For Plug-In Electric Car Sales In September 2020

With record sales of multiple models, and strong general demand for plug-ins, the market is booming.
September was an exceptional month for passenger plug-in electric car sales in Europe, even taking into consideration the strong growth in previous months.

Sales went through the roof, reaching a new all-time record number of registrations – 160,059 (up 166% year-over-year)! The market share hit an outstanding 12%!

Most of the sales were BEVs, but PHEVs are growing quicker:

BEVs: 91,615 (up 120% year-over-year) and 7.1% of the market
PHEVs: 68,444 (up 268% year-over-year) and 4.9% of the market

Dacia Spring 2021 (Image:

Dacia Spring 2021 (Image:

After nine months, more than 772,000 new plug-in passenger cars were registered in Europe, which is 9% of the total volume (4.9% falls on BEVs)!

With three months to go, we should see a million for the very first time in a calendar year! Actually, it will be much more than a million.

The most popular models
Volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 (16,125) allowed it to take the first place for the month and set the best result so far this year.

The second best was Renault ZOE (11,026), which is also the best selling so far this year (63,504) with a noticeable advantage over Model 3.

The long-awaited Volkswagen ID.3 was third (8,571) with a very good result in its first month of customer deliveries, although the 10,000 mark was not crossed.

A pretty strong result was record by Hyundai Kona Electric (6,143), while the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 250e turned to be the top plug-in hybrid (4,772).

There are tons of other plug-in models that set their own personal best/or the best this year results in September, as everything rechargeable seems to be selling pretty well.

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